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Proving Value to Customers

CS4Rev held a design session with key CS leaders in the industry to discuss how to prove value to customers.

The following is an outline of the session questions along with responses from DesiredPath.

Intro Question: What excites you most in 2021 in terms of using data to demonstrate to your customers the value they are getting?

Topic: Imagine the CEO came to the Customer Success department and asked you to generate objective data that could help prove the value you are providing your customers for an upcoming executive review meeting. Consider the following questions:

1. How might we determine what is valuable to our customer’s org, and to whom?

Understand the patterns of your most successful customers.Validate using data across customer set. You have the basis for being prescriptive about generating success.

2. How might we ensure that our company's products actually deliver the outcomes that customers value?

Implement an intelligent framework that measures customer’s progress across the customer journey and use closed-loop feedback to continually improve product and customer engagement.

3. How might we determine the 'success criteria' (outcomes) with the customer?

Align business objectives to value prop & execution. Determine measurable metrics from that.

4. How can we help our customers determine what their ROI will be?

YOU as the vendor should understand the ROI you provide to customers and then build an engagement model that leads them to this.

5. How might we measure that the 'success criteria' (customer outcomes) are being met?

If you’ve figured out #3 & #4 then you have the foundation to measure the success criteria.

6. How might we ensure complete stakeholder management at different levels of the customers’ org, as their needs and stakeholders continue to evolve?

Understand what’s important to each stakeholder and what is important to them.

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