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Customer Stories

From the voice of our customers. Here's what they experienced working with us.

Bijan Bedroud .jpeg

Working with Kia has helped us unify our customers' objectives with what we're trying to accomplish as a business. Building out this approach has energized our team, which is amazing.

Bijan Bedroud, CRO Emarsys

Bridget Winston VP Sales & CS ShoreTel_M

We've always made significant efforts against customer retention, but working with Kia has helped us establish a playbook to not just protect customer revenue, but grow it. Our teams loved the workshop and are committed to putting this plan in place. Perhaps the best part of the workshop was that, because of Kia's guidance, we were able to expand our playbooks beyond just the Customer Success teams' responsibility, but instead inform the entire company's mission.

Bridget Winston, VP Sales & CS Mitel

Dione Hedgpeth SVP CS Apptio.jpeg

Kia did an excellent job leading our management team through a Customer Journey workshop and helping us build out our cost model. Because she has run the Customer Success function for multiple companies, she was not just a consultant, but was really impressive in how she related to the team, advised us and facilitated feedback. She has a great style and combined with her deep expertise of the function, I would strongly recommend her as a CX strategy consultant.

Dione Hedgpeth, SVP CS Apptio

Fred Shilmover CEO IS2.jpeg

I told Kia that we had just spent a bunch of time redesigning our customer journey from the perspective of the customer. Kia was skeptical. Turns out she was right. It's hard for a company that was focused on building product to shift perspectives. Kia brought some revolutionary thinking to our business to help us make that transition. We’re now thinking about how we measure our customer’s journey, AND how well our ops move them through it.

Fred Shilmover, CEO InsightSquared

Josh Waldo 2.jpeg

We wanted to capture the voices of our customers through the lens of the end-to-end customer Journey. Using a customized program through DesiredPath, we were able to make it happen and now have an even stronger foundation to help us execute our customer success strategy.

Josh Waldo, CCO Nintex

Miya Gray VP Surescripts_edited.jpg

Kia's approach and perspective really helped our organization take a fresh look at the customer journey. We became more proactive and thoughtful in our customer interactions and have been agile and able to quickly pivot as we listen to and learn more about our customers.

Miya Gray, Vice-President Surescripts

Steve Basden President Pushpay.jpeg

Working with Kia has allowed us to better understand our customers and re-orient our thinking with respect to the critical moments in the their journey with us. With this new understanding, we're able to implement on-boarding strategies to manage those critical moments effectively resulting in customers that are more confident and reduced time to value for them and for us.

Steve Basden, President Pushpay

Sue Fellows EVP CS Workfront.jpeg

Our conversations have changed from focusing on ourselves to focusing on the customer.

Sue Fellows, CCO Workfront

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