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Your journey towards a customer-centric business starts with the Intelligent Framework™.  Here's how we help you get there.


Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Success Playbook
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Customer Segmentation

Account Coverage Model

Account Ratios

Role Clarity

Compensation Planning

Organization Structure


Customer Success Practices

Customer Success Plan

Executive Business / Success Reviews

Customer Maturity Model

Customer Marketing

Customer Success Services

Product Feedback & Support Practices

VOC / NPS / C-Sat

Renewals & Retention


Proactive Revenue Management
DesiredPath Velocity™

Customer Health
Account Management Practices

Land & Expand Strategy

Tech-touch Automation

Customer Advocacy

Customer Success Assessment

Executive Advisory

DesiredPath uses a Design - Execute - Optimize approach to create an industry leading Customer Experience discipline.


During Design, we collaborate with you to create the Intelligent Framework. By understanding the patterns of your most successful customers, we form the framework that aligns your business to your customer's, enabling your company to consistently deliver and measure customer desired outcomes.  This is when the paradigm shift to customer-centric thinking starts.


In the Execute phase we operationalize the Intelligent Framework - organizing your teams to map, execute and measure a playbook across the total "customer funnel", which drives repeatable, customer success in the most efficient and proactive way.  Anchoring your business to your customer's total business is when customer-centric innovation occurs.


During the Optimize phase, we use the insights gained from the Intelligent Framework and DesiredPath's industry-first metrics and benchmarks, to measure how close your operations are at supporting your customer desire path and advance your practice accordingly.  Optimizing your company's progress to smarter, faster revenue growth occurs by constantly observing your customers and continuously improving your operations so that it evolves as your customers do.

The benchmarking opportunity and alignment to best practices was important for me to get a sense of what the rest of the world was doing with respect to Customer Success.

With DesiredPath we’re able to tap into a wealth of experience and work with industry benchmarks that simply have never existed before.

How aligned is your company to its customer desire path? 

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