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What Hiding-in-plain-site Insights Are You Not Seeing About Your Customers?

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Intelligent Customer Approach
Intelligent Customer Approach

Most organizations design static customer practices from their own business or product-led point of view with little insight into what is actually happening from the customer’s perspective.

How are customers adopting the product within their own business environment and what is their associated experience using it and interacting with you, the vendor?

This lack of insight causes companies to miss important information that would otherwise allow them to proactively and holistically service customers, and continuously improve the customer experience.

It also neglects to consider that customers are constantly evolving and thus so will their journey and by extension, so should the way an organization supports that journey.

A better way forward, an intelligent approach to customer management, occurs when an organization understands the patterns of its most successful customers and uses that knowledge to consistently deliver and improve customer desired outcomes.

Understand the patterns of your most successful customers.

Too often companies spend time analyzing problems with the good intent of fixing them to improve customer experience yet they ignore the hiding-in-plain-site wealth of information that can be gleaned from its most successful customers.

Successful customers inadvertently help vendors discover patterns of best practices which they can share and use as benchmarks with every customer to elevate the journey experience for all.

They also push product advances improving the overall product experience and they highlight where the vendor’s processes in driving adoption are deficient so they can be modified for the benefit of all.

A framework that is anchored on the ever-changing success path of its customers – their desire path – allows companies to create a prescriptive approach to customer management, one that also learns and adapts with the way the product(s) are bought, adopted and used.

An Intelligent Customer Approach

An approach that learns from customers and continuously improves how their desired outcomes are reproduced ensures that a company can consistently deliver customer success.

And by constantly observing its customers, aggregating and learning from their feedback, an organization can implement a proactive, repeatable customer journey that evolves as its customers do.

The intelligent way to manage customers to success!

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