As customer success has become a critical strategy for SaaS businesses in the Age of the Customer, proper onboarding and strong user adoption initiatives are key to long-term success. We set out to understand how SaaS businesses today are handling these efforts. How big of a role does user adoption play in the customer journey, where are teams finding success, and where are they struggling? Now, we have answers.

Join me alongside UserIQ on Thursday, August 16th at 2pm ET as we deep dive into the key findings from UserIQ’s User Adoption & Onboarding Benchmarking survey (taken by more than 450 SaaS leaders) with an expert panel, including UserIQ’s CEO, Rachel Orston, and Gainsight’s Chief Customer Officer, Allison Pickens.

The conversation will be centered around:

  • Uncovering key findings from our User Adoption & Onboarding Benchmarking Survey

  • Examining common challenges to user adoption & onboarding initiatives

  • Providing examples of how best-in-class companies are managing adoption practices today

We hope you’ll join us! Save your seat here:

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