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The Impact of Customer Success Before The Sale

Sales Impact
Sales Impact

I recently sat down with the fine folks at Funnel Cake to discuss The impact of Customer Success Before the Sale.

Followers of my articles know that I believe that in order to accelerate revenue, companies need to understand their customer journey and operate in a customer-centric manner.

And that to do that, there needs to be cross functional alignment across the entire organization when driving customer success.

I have written about how various functions can improve the customer experience and therefore the adoption and expansion rate of its customers.

The Sales and Customer Success alignment is of particular importance in that what Sales promises, Customer Success must deliver.

If expectations are not set properly upfront and then met during adoption, or the promises the vendor sells with its value proposition are not delivered, the risk of churn and the expense of servicing customers increases dramatically.

In our discussion, we talk about how Customer Success can have an impact on Sales and Marketing and what value the role can bring in the earlier stages of the buyer’s journey.

Join us in the dialog and let us know what you have seen work!

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