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Helping Sells Radio Invites Kia Puhm of K!A CX to Discuss The Product Roadmap Tug of War

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Product Roadmap DesiredPath Intelligent Framework™
Product Roadmap DesiredPath Intelligent Framework™

Last Wednesday I had the honour to appear as a guest on Helping Sells Radio to speak with cohosts Sarah Brown and Bill Cushard.

Helping Sells Radio by ServiceRocket Media is a podcast about helping customers discover, adopt and thrive using software.

Sarah and Bill wanted to discuss my recent blog article on The Product Roadmap Tug of War.

In our discussion, I shared my thoughts on how software companies can manage a healthy tension between product innovation and meeting the needs of their evolving customers.

Listen to the podcast here as Sarah and Bill put me through the paces (in a good way!) to describe this natural, and if managed properly, very healthy tension on the product roadmap.

And a very special thank you to Sarah and Bill for welcoming me full heartedly onto the program.  It was a real treat and pleasure!

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