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How to Keep the Revenue Your Company Worked So Hard to Earn

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Customer and Revenue Management DesiredPath Intelligent Framework™
Customer and Revenue Management DesiredPath Intelligent Framework™

Happy New Year!

The new year brings with it excitement for what lies ahead and a renewed sense of energy for which to tackle anything that presents itself.

It also offers an opportunity to reflect back on what has happened and to use that to inform a new and improved way forward.

As I look forward to where the profession of Customer Success and organizations are headed, I reflect back on what the most popular areas of interest for the industry were.

Like previous years, the still relatively young field of Customer Success continued to evolve at a rapid pace.

We continue to work diligently on improving the discipline by understanding and mapping out the customer journey and creating the corresponding business model to execute and measure the playbook to drive repeatable customer success.

How to identify and map the customer journey, develop the corresponding adoption playbook and customer success plans, clarify role responsibilities and cover accounts accordingly, as well as establish the appropriate segmentation are all still very much top of mind.

But whereas previously we focused on operational tactics pertaining to Customer Success, we also started to expand our thinking about what customer success means within a company and what its greater impact to overall revenue is.

Most popular blog articles in 2018:

What then does this mean for organizations in 2019?

How to Keep the Revenue Your Company Worked So Hard to Earn

In 2019, companies will continue to organize their business around their customers to effectively drive customer revenue and future proof their business.

Predicated on the customer journey – the desired path of successful product adoption – an intelligent framework to manage customers through a repeatable, measurable and scalable path to successful outcomes is possible.

By designing a framework that is holistic, intelligent and results-driven companies can understand the patterns of their most successful customers to create opportunities through the customer’s point of view and measure their progress to faster, smarter revenue growth.

And, for the first time, organizations will be able to measure and monitor revenue across the entire customer lifecycle.

The Intelligent Framework™ for Smarter, Faster Revenue Growth

This year I will be sharing a lot about the intelligent framework and corresponding metrics that companies will want to use to advance their practice of customer and revenue management in order to drive revenue through the entire customer funnel.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we look at:

  • The Critical Role Customer Centricity Plays in Driving Revenue

  • Why the Customer Journey is the Desired Path to Success

  • The Intelligent Framework and Corresponding Metrics

  • Using the Desired Path Metrics to Drive Revenue Through the Customer Funnel

Happy 2019 and let’s keep on keeping the revenue your company worked so hard to earn!

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