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Exciting news about K!A CX!

DesiredPath Intelligent Framework™
DesiredPath Intelligent Framework™

Recently I was asked what I thought was the biggest change that businesses have experienced over the last 20 years. Unequivocally, I said it was the rise of the empowered customer - their ever changing needs and increasing expectations.

I’ve thought about this a lot. In particular, the idea that your customer’s desire path - the path that they prefer or will create themselves to take - is the customer journey. The companies that understand and support the paths customers naturally take in using products - not the ones they outline or prescribe to their customers - will see the most effective customer adoption, loyalty and expanded product use.

This idea - the customer’s desire path - is what I’ve built my business on.

It’s the thread that guides my customer engagements. It’s represented in my thinking, conversations and solution building.

I’ve built an entire process and framework on it, the Intelligent Framework, and developed first-ever post sales metrics that have helped over 30 companies implement repeatable, prescriptive and proactive customer journeys based on the paths of their most successful customers.

And so it makes sense that it should be represented in how my business is presented to the world.

Today I’m thrilled to announce that KiaCX has been rebranded to DesiredPath.

DesiredPath represents the progress we’ve made to date and our future direction: to help businesses become truly customer-centric and effectively accelerate revenue growth.

What’s changing with DesiredPath?

In addition to operating the business and running customer engagements as I have been, we will scale the company in order to help even more customers. As an incorporated business, DesiredPath is set up to expand capabilities and pursue future growth opportunities.

I couldn’t be more excited about where we’re going and I’m extremely grateful for the support you’ve given me along the way - thank you.

I invite you to checkout DesiredPath’s new website and read our new e-BookHow to keep the revenue your company worked so hard to earn” which captures the changing business landscape and presents DesiredPath’s Intelligent Framework as the solution to manage every step of the customer journey.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!


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