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Why the Customer Success Executive Wants to Own Revenue

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In the last few weeks we have been discussing why it is natural for Customer Success to own revenue and that it is not something to be feared.

If Customer Success ensures that customers realize value and remain loyal, then driving revenue can be a very natural extension of what Customer Success does.

Being fearful of owning revenue because Customer Success feels they cannot be a trusted advisor while driving towards a revenue target, or conversely driving Customer Success Manager (CSM) behaviour to an overtly sales focused role without consideration to successful adoption, oversimplifies how companies should be modelled to drive effective product adoption and revenue.

Setting aside where in an organization it makes most sense for a company to hold revenue accountability, let’s talk about why Customer Success executives should want to own revenue.

Holistic Impact on the Customer Journey

The simple truth of the matter is that whoever owns revenue, has a seat at the proverbial executive “table”.

And the more revenue they own, the stronger the voice is.

French philosopher Voltaire said “with great power comes great responsibility”.

It is with the great responsibility of owning revenue that the Customer Success executive can make a tremendous impact on the customer journey.

Owning the retention side of the business allows the Customer Success executive to comprehensively oversee all aspects of the post sales experience.

This typically leads to a more integrated approach in driving product adoption, retention and expansion which in turn leads to a better and more holistic customer experience.

The ability to positively impact and influence the customer’s journey and provide a seamless experience also increases the operational effectiveness of the organization as well as employee satisfaction, both of which are foundational elements required to scale the business (and grow more revenue).

Lastly, owning the revenue means there will be the corresponding budget allocated to support the holistic, customer centric, business model and continuously evolve customer success to world class levels.

Bottom Line

Own revenue, have a voice and budget.

Have a voice and budget, have the ability to design and support an integrated approach to delivering a holistic customer journey and experience.

Have an integrated approach to delivering a holistic customer journey and experience, have a business that runs more efficiently and happier employees.

Have a business that runs more efficiently with happier employees, have the ability to grow revenue faster and to create world class Customer Success.

Have the ability to grow revenue faster and create world class Customer Success, own more revenue!

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